Hello! I’m Sudeep

After graduating in 2018 with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, I started my career as a SAP developer with Deloitte. And after a few months, I stepped into the Ethereum ecosystem while browsing around. And let me tell you that, things have never been the same since then…

Ethhub docs were my stepping stones, but I’ve learnt so many things in so less time. Even after long working hours at the office, I would be excited (I still am) to read, research and work on various Ethereum projects. I spend most of my nights reading and working on these projects. I’ve participated in various Ethereum Hackathons, won a few of them, lost a few, but each one of them was a new experience in itself. I am still learning, and contributing to the ecosystem at the same. Be sure to check out the projects I’ve worked on!

I am a multi-talented human being, and language is no barrier for me, I speak 4 languages(pun intended). Skills can be taught, but personality is inherent. I am always ready to experiment new things, fail at them, learn from them and come back to it with much more wisdom and knowledge. People find me to be a self-motivated team player with excellent problem solving skills. I believe that I am here to do my part and make a difference.

Wanna get in touch or talk about a project? Ping me!